What are the Mistakes You’re Making on an Elliptical Machine?

What are the Mistakes You’re Making on an Elliptical Machine?

As the modern world moves into a sedentary lifestyle, exercises have become vital to maintaining a healthy life. You probably spend most of your time sitting on your computer and find it hard to find time to hit the gym. 

The good news is, you can now purchase cardio exercise equipment and workout from the comforts of your home. The Baton Rouge elliptical machine is one of the most popular home and gym cardio workout machines. 

This can be attributed to their improved features compared to the traditional treadmill. With an elliptical machine, you can work out both the upper and lower parts of the body without putting to much force on the body. 

However, the downside of exercising from home is that there is a lack of professional supervision. 

In this post, we have listed below some of the mistakes you’re making on an elliptical machine. Knowing these things will help you avoid making them for a good workout. 

1.    You’re Not Calibrating the Device

This is a common elliptical trainer mistake. A machine that isn’t calibrated will not perform well. 

The first step is to calibrate the machine before starting. Ideally, the elliptical machine is usually calibrated for an individual weighing around 150lb. With this calibration, if you burn around 100 calories, you only did 50 or less in real sense. You, therefore, have to enter your actual information on the machine to get accurate results regularly. 

Once you have personalized the machine, you can now follow a routine that can help in burning around 100 calories in ten minutes. By maintaining this routine regularly; you will get the most efficient workout.

2.    Slouching

Slouching reduces the impact of elliptical workouts. To get the maximum results, it is advisable that you engage the abdominal muscles while keeping the shoulders back and the head up in a forward gaze. 

During the exercise, you can be tested to rest your arms, but this decreases calorie burning. 

The elliptical exercise machine such as the BH FITNESS S3Xi ELLIPTICAL and the VISION X40 ELLIPTICAL With Classic Console has an upper-body component that helps move the upper body muscles and assist in burning the calories.  Standing up straight ensures that the entire core is engaged. 

3.    Not Changing Directions

Most people tend to forget the backward movement of the elliptical trainer. This creates a boring routine which can be severe in extreme cases. Going in only one direction can have irregular and harmful impacts on your muscles. 

For example, going backward all the time will change the large muscle group. On the other hand, going forward only might cause fatigue on the quads. 

Constantly changing direction relieves you from both physical and mental strain and boredom. 

4.    The Sound of the Elliptical Trainer

The Baton Rouge elliptical machine is quite a smooth and noise-free device which can give you more comfort and maximum results. However, if you hear some squeaky and weird noises when working out, then something is wrong. 

The purring sound indicates typically you’re going too fast with not enough resistance. This implies you are not getting the best results. Keeping a steady and moderate pace at the right resistance, you’ll get the best calorie burn out.

It is likewise important to maintain the machine regularly by tightening, cleaning, and lubricating the elliptical trainer according to the recommendations of the manufacturer. 

5.    Working With Arms

Most of the time, you may feel lazy to use the arms and this could be a serious mistake. 

Without using the arms, you will be missing half of the elliptical trainer benefits. This is because the elliptical exercise machine not only moves the lower muscles but the upper muscles of the body as well. 

You can use the movable armrest and focus on the arms during the workout. The ideal trick is to hang onto the stable handles when you do not want to work on the upper body and use the moving handles when working the upper body. 

6.    Avoiding Incline

Most people tend to avoid the incline, which boosts the results of the workout. By using the incline, more calories will be burned. This will also pump up the heart rate. Besides, the incline also works out the hamstrings and glutes better compared to the normal position. 

7.    Not Hydrating Properly

It is common for one to jump right in and start working out. However, hydrating is essential during the work out session. Proper hydration helps the joints, controls the temperature, and circulates nutrients in the body. This gives you that much-needed energy. Hydration also helps reduce dehydration from fluids lost through sweating.

When you purchase your Baton Rouge elliptical machine from Fitness Expo, make sure to follow this guide and avoid the mistakes that can hurt you in the long run.