Which Of The Following Is Not True Of Exercise Machines?

Which Of The Following Is Not True Of Exercise Machines?

The exercise machine industry is a $2 billion dollar a year industry in the US alone, yet despite the overwhelming popularity of fitness equipment, ranging from the glute exercise machine to the climber exercise machine and every make and model in-between, there are still a lot of misconceptions that exist.

Even among fitness professionals, there are disputes including but not limited to:

  • The effectiveness of each machine
  • Whether or not they are better or worse than free weights or open area exercises
  • What age group they might be best for
  • Whether or not they reduce or increase injuries
  • Whether or not they are good or bad for new or advanced fitness buffs
  •  Are they worth the investment or price?
  • And more…

So, let us identify which of the following is not true of exercise machines.

Common Misconceptions About Your Favorite Fitness Machines—Debunked

This brief guide will cover some of the most common misconceptions surrounding exercise machines and residential workout equipment for the residents of Jackson, MS and surrounding areas.

1. Exercise Machines are not Worth the Investment – it depends

From time to time you’ll hear that investing in a climber exercise machine such as the Stairmaster Treadclimber 5 or a glute exercise machine such as the Precor DSL0618 Glute Extension or any other exercise machine for that matter just isn’t worth the investment.

Whether or not residential exercise equipment is worth the initial investment depends on a few factors:

  • What would your alternative costs be for a gym membership and associated costs
  • How frequently do you intend to use the exercise machines
  • What is important to you when you exercise?

For example, joining a gym may come with monthly fees, cancellation costs, gas money to and from the gym, new gym clothes or shoes so you “look presentable” in public, etc.

Or perhaps you value privacy, convenience, using your own shower, or not having to schedule in commute time to and from the gym every day.

In those cases, you have to weigh the actual financial cost vs what is important to you and what you value in your life.

2. Exercise Machines are not as Effective – false

A claim you sometimes hear is that exercise machines are not as effective as functional exercise or free weights. This is untrue for a few key reasons.

a. Exercise machines provide the user with a consistent level of tension, resistance level or speed of motion throughout the activity. By contrast, free weights, for example, only allow the user to reach maximal levels of resistance at certain angles or arch of movement.

b. Exercise machines allow the user to quickly transition from one machine to the next or increase or decrease resistance or speed in seconds, affording the opportunity to integrate HIIT circuit training, drop sets, stacking and more into their fitness routines.

c. Exercise machines allow the user to isolate specific muscles, concentrating all force against resistance to the intended target, as opposed t.o free weights which tend to activate stabilizer muscles and without proper form can result in sub-par results

3. Fitness Equipment is Only Good for Beginners or Pros – false

While it’s true that amateurs and beginners are generally not best suited for free weights and other types of high impact exercises due to the risk of injury from improper form and training, the opposite is not true at all.

In fact, highly trained athletes and fitness enthusiasts can benefit greatly from mixing in exercise equipment into their routines.

Mixing up your fitness routine and changing out exercises can help keep your body from hitting a plateau and help you progress past times when your fitness efforts begin to stall.

Not only that, exercise machines offer a broad selection of options to help keep your routine fresh and exciting, keeping you motivated to continue on your journey to better health and improved physique.

Closing Thoughts

Despite common misconceptions that abound, residential workout equipment is an effective and wise investment for residents of Jackson, MS that are looking to get and stay fit and healthy.
If you’re interested in learning more about the types of residential workout equipment available in your area or need assistance choosing the right setup for your home gym, give the friendly team at Fitness Expo a call today or stop by our showroom for expert advice and assistance you won’t find anywhere else.