7 Must-Have Strength Training Gym Equipment

7 Must-Have Strength Training Gym Equipment

If you are looking for more information on popular gym equipment for strength training then you are in the right place. There are various gym equipment out there with new models and brands coming out with new products every year so it is easy to feel intimidated or confused.

If you already have an idea about exercising and physical fitness and decided that strength training is the one you should focus on then look no further as here are 7 must-have strength training gym equipment that you can buy and have for home use, lease, or use at your local gym to try out.

By strength training, it means achieving the dream body that you always wanted to have. You get the muscles in all the right places to look like other bodybuilders. Depending on you and your wants and needs in how strong you want to be, strength training needs the proper gym equipment to achieve that, not only merely squatting and jumping jacks.

7 Popular Gym Equipment for Strength Training

  1. Smith Machine

    Fit girl doing lunges - Fitness Expo
    To those starting out, the Smith machine may seem unfamiliar, however, make no mistake, the Smith Machine is your friend when it comes to strength training. The Smith machine is similar to a hack squat machine however, the Smith machine gives you ample room to do squats and bench presses.

    The Smith machine is versatile as it has adjustable weight bars to accommodate your strength training needs. The adjustability of this machine will help you in your daily workout so that you can have lighter or heavier weights. The Smith machine is ideal if you want to see the physical results of stronger muscles after each use.

  2. HiRise Rowing Machine

    Young sportsman doing exercise on rowing machine - Fitness Expo
    The HiRise Rowing machine is excellent for strength training. Rowing machines are popular with people who want to build their muscles as it works various muscles all over your body. It is great for working out your hips and knees making them stronger and flexible.

    The HiRise Rowing machine uses resistance to work your muscles, specifically the WaterRower M1 HiRise Rowing machine uses water resistance so you can achieve the best core muscles, and along the process, straightens your posture.

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  3. Cable Lat Pulldown

    Man exercising on lat pull down machine - Fitness Expo
    The Cable Lat Pulldown is a popular choice among gym goers and home gym owners for getting their dream body. The Cable Lat Pulldown will help you get the abs and biceps that you want. Just like its name, this machine requires you to pull weights slowly while facing the machine.

    You use the Cable Lat Pulldown in a seated position and this machine will work out your Latissimus Dorsi ( commonly known as lats), in the back and your arms (biceps).

  4. Back Extension Bench

    The Back Extension Bench is another popular gym equipment that is a must-have for strength training as it works best for your lower back muscles. The machine will help you gain muscles while straightening your back posture.

    Take your time and be cautious while using this equipment as rapid harsh movements by those untrained can lead to serious injuries. This equipment comes in at 45 and 90 degree angles and you can choose an angle that you feel comfortable on but be careful and not strain yourself too fast.

  5. Hack Squat Machine

    The hack squat machine is the machine for you if you specifically want to work out your entire lower body, namely your glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, and your core too. If you want to really feel the burn on your lower body and on your legs, use the hack squat machine.

    The hack squat machine comes with safety features where you can adjust the machine and its sled position. To adjust the hack squat machine first, support the weight of the shoulder pads and sled next, you flip the safety stopper handles so that the safety locks will release.

  6. Adjustable Pulley System

    For the adjustable pulley system, you can adjust the machine so that you can do various exercises, for example, three ways to adjust the pulley system. One way is to move the pulleys, by moving the pulleys to the lowest position, it is the best position to do bicep curls.

    However, if you want to do tricep curls, adjust the pulleys to the top.

    The second way is by adjusting the weight. Pull the selector pin on the weights plates in the weight level that you want to work on.

    Last, you can use different accessories such as handles to do different exercises. You can also connect the rope to a pulley system to do various arm exercises.

  7. Battle Ropes

    Battle ropes are the ones to do if you want an intense strength training workout. The battle ropes are popular with bodybuilders and those who seriously want to build their muscles. You grab the two ropes, one on each hand, and by using your muscles lift the ropes up and down to create a wave effect.

    Battle ropes work fast if you use more strength thus pouring your strength and energy into this workout.

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