Cross Train with Octane

Cross Train with Octane

Weight training is important for your workout to gain the level of strength and muscle tone you want to look sexy and fit. Cardiovascular training is needed to elevate your heart rate so you can burn calories and lose those unwanted pounds. You may often go back and forth between the two types of exercise during your week to get the benefits of both. If you’d like to save some time, however, there is cross training.

Cross training combines cardio and weight training in the same exercise routine, letting you burn calories and gain muscle all in the same workout session. Because of this recent, innovative exercise trend, Octane (one of the world’s leading exercise equipment manufacturers) has geared one of its machines directly toward cross training.

The Octane Q47 is one of the most powerful and versatile elliptical machines on the market today. This machine is smart enough to electronically alter the users stride length, based on the pace at which the user is moving (longer strides for a running pace, shorter strides for walking). The pedals are close together, as is the step-up height, providing an anatomically correct stance while using the equipment. And in case elliptical running wasn’t low-impact enough, they added shock absorbing technology to the pedals, taking even more stress away from your knees and ankles.

So how does this powerful machine fit in with cross circuit training?
For starters, when you order the Octane Q47 (available at your local Fitness Expo location), you’ll get a free cross training DVD that shows you cross training exercise routines — one for your legs and butt, and another for a whole body workout.

They’ve added attachment points to hook resistance bands to the machine for strength training, and even partnered with Powerblocks (also available at Fitness Expo) to use their variable weight dumbbells for strength training. They also have additional side step platforms that can be used with either resistance bands or free weights.

The Q47 is already a great body workout. Pairing it with weights or bands for cross training will help you get the ultimate workout experience.