Truth or Fiction: Debunking 3 Most Common Treadmill Myths

Truth or Fiction: Debunking 3 Most Common Treadmill Myths

Treadmill is one of the most popular and in demand fitness equipment not only in the United States but globally. In 2020 alone, US wholesale sales of treadmills reached over a staggering value $1.5 billion.

This can be seen to increase even more in the coming years as more and more people are building their own personal gyms after the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

But despite its popularity, the treadmill is yet to reach its full potential. There are still common treadmill myths floating around conversation trends that prevent fitness enthusiasts from realizing its full use for their ultimate fitness goal.

So what exactly are these myths and how can they be debunked?

Treadmill Myth #1: Treadmill is Inferior Compared to Running and Jogging Outside

Couple Jogging- Fitness Expo storesOne of the strongest myths about treadmills is that running on it is not as good as running outside. There is both truth and fiction with this assumption but it depends on one’s own preference. There are pros and cons for both.

Running experience on a treadmill and in an external environment as a cardio exercise will give you almost the same results in terms of burning calories. The amount of calories you burn depends on the intensity and duration of the cardio exercise that you will exert.

An obvious difference though is that when you use a treadmill, you are limited to an indoor environment. You are literally running stationary with this fitness equipment.

But with this limitation comes a handful of treadmill running benefits. The most important of which is safety.

Since there is still no foreseeable end to the pandemic yet, exercising at home where you don’t have physical contact with others is the practical choice to make.

Likewise, your overall environment is confined and more controlled so you won’t be exposed to natural terrains such as rough paths and changing weather.

Treadmill Myth #2: There Are Cheaper Treadmills Nowadays So You Should Immediately Choose Those

Treadmills at health club-Fitness Expo stores As more and more people are being health conscious, the demand for treadmills also increases. And when this happens, there is also an increase in supply. This is where another common treadmill myth comes: you can buy a great treadmill with the cheapest market price.

First of all, there is nothing wrong in choosing a cheap training equipment over a pricey one especially when you are on a tight budget. But health and fitness experts would often discourage you from doing so.

If you are really serious in achieving your fitness goal, investing in the best quality of fitness equipment is recommended.

Overtime, a cheap treadmill may suffer from quality deterioration. The more you use it, the more stress is given on its components.

Who knows, when that dreadful time comes, you haven’t used the equipment yet to its investment value. So it might be a total waste on your part.

In contrast, a quality product may give you the best of both worlds, in terms of quality and performance. In terms of performance, a quality treadmill may offer more features that a cheap one could not, such as in motor capacity and special settings.

Meanwhile in terms of quality, a good treadmill equipment will last a long time and will only suffer minimal deterioration.

So before purchasing a new unit of treadmill, don’t stop yourself from spending mid to higher range of value. The investment may be all worth it in the end.

Treadmill Myth #3: Treadmills are Boring and Obsolete

Treadmill common myths-Fitness expo storesIf there is one common treadmill myth that you would often hear from some people, it is probably this one. That using treadmills is so boring and out of the trends.

Ever since the invention of a motorized treadmill in the 1950s, more cardio and strength building training equipment have been introduced in the market. Some of these fitness equipment include Fitness Expo Store’s ellipticals, AMTs, and climbers. And as technology advances, iterations with each equipment have also been made.

This explains why this myth is popular to some fitness enthusiasts. The more equipment choices we have in the market, the more picky consumers will be. But is there truth to it? Well, not really.

First we have to draw the line that this myth is very subjective. For some, specific equipment may work. But for others, it may not. The same can be applied to a treadmill.

A certain person may find running on a treadmill very enjoyable. But another person may prefer an AMT for more movements and features.

But despite this, there are still a lot of fitness enthusiasts whose go-to cardio equipment is the treadmill. Besides, a myth is no match to a decades-long history of treadmill as a primary fitness equipment.

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