How to Clean Your Exercise Rower

How to Clean Your Exercise Rower

Are you a proud owner of a rowing exercise machine? Well, do you know how you clean your exercise rower? If you said yes to both questions, then great job! The best thing to do is to always maintain that your exercise rower is clean and in the best shape possible.

Having a rowing machine is popular these days as many people use them as they are great body workout equipment. You can see them in many commercial gyms too. They are especially good for cardio exercise while working out many muscle groups.

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Don’t worry, exercise rowing machines are also available to be purchased for home gyms too. The rowing machine of your choice can be a high-end machine or a budget-friendly one but whatever you choose, having one includes that you take the time and care for them to be regularly maintained and cleaned so that you can continuously enjoy the benefits for many years to come.

Steps on How to Clean Your Exercise Rower

1. Remove the seat and wipe down with a damp cloth

After you are done with the machine after your workout, get a clean tower together with a disinfectant liquid or spray and use those to wipe down the seat.

After your workout, there may be sweat that was left on the seat. Sweat can leave bad odors and physical build-up on the seat

The disinfectant will do its job in sanitizing and cleaning the seat for your next use.

2. Clean the foot pedals with a brush or vacuum cleaner

Other than cleaning the seat, you should also clean the foot pedals over time, there can be dust, dirt, or debris that is left there from your shoes. A stiff brush or a handy vacuum cleaner can do the cleaning for you.

3. Wipe off any sweat on the handles

The handles can be quite nasty after a long workout. The sweat coming from your hands will stick onto the handles and it can become sticky and dirty. Get a clean towel and spray the handles with disinfectant spray or liquid and make sure to wipe every small groove and cranny of the handles.

4. Reattach everything in reverse order of removal, including wiping down all parts before reattaching them

After cleaning, you should do a proper job of reattaching every part in its proper place. If you don’t, your next experience can be quite uncomfortable if you find that the seat moves or the handles are wobbly.

5. Place it back where you found it to keep your home tidy!

The next thing you should do is to store your exercise rower machine where it belongs, preferably in a dry and cool area. Make sure also that you keep the surrounding area of the machine clean and tidy as well to avoid making it look disorganized and full of clutter.

6. Repeat every two weeks to maintain cleanliness!

If you have an exercise rower machine, the best thing you can do for it is to regularly maintain it. Depending on what kind your machine is, the brand or model, each machine is different so make sure to consult or read the manual to do what is best for your machine.

How Should You Store Your Exercise Rower Machine?

The storage of your machine depends on what size of machine you own. If you have a machine that is on the larger and bulkier end, you should consider having it set as a permanent part of your home gym, and is best to just leave it there.

However, there are many models of rowing machines out there that are built for easy storage and can be compact and lightweight.

Whatever machine size you have, you can store the machine after each workout by buying a machine cover and covering your machine when not in use.

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Your sweat can get everywhere on your machine after a workout so any sweat droplets that you might miss wiping can easily trap more dirt and dust thus making the machine more prone to stains and germs on its surface.

If you cover your machine, you help prevent any dirt flying around from getting on your machine.

If you have small children at home, make sure that you find a safe area where the machine is hard for them to reach.

Any youngsters who find the machine can find themselves injured or for the machine to be damaged when these children are left unsupervised.

As you do these measures to properly store and clean your exercise machine, you are helping to prolong its life and prevent accidental damage. Contact us to get your rower today!

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