How to Use an Elliptical Machine: The Beginner-Friendly Guide

How to Use an Elliptical Machine: The Beginner-Friendly Guide

We don’t know why but ellipticals don’t get the love that they are supposed to. Some people think that using an elliptical does not count as a good, solid workout but that is not true.

It all lies in how you use the elliptical and there are correct ways on how to properly use an elliptical machine.

There are endless reasons according to Greatist why people should start or continue using an elliptical machine.

Some machines have a high or low impact but the elliptical is non-impact.

Anyone can use it and even those who are suffering or recovering from injuries can use it.

You don’t need to be at a certain fitness level to be able to use it well and safely.

It will work fine for both elliptical workouts for beginners and for the experienced.

They can be found in almost every gym plus, they can be installed in anyone’s home gym as well.

Think it will get repetitive and boring? Think again!

The Elliptical Has Many Workouts to Offer

Most ellipticals have installed programs to help you with different workouts and if there is none, you can easily whip out a training regimen for yourself.

Check out the Octane Q37x Standing Elliptical. It has a smart tablet and comfy to use with pedal spacing, multi grip handlebars, and wireless heart rate monitoring.

The screen also shows your data while you work out.

The fact is that there are even workouts that can be done in less than 30 minutes.

You can fit it in your busy schedule and still be able to work on your cardio, upper body, core, and lower body.

You can also change up the speed and intensity so you can add more variety to your elliptical workout.

Even if you stick to a good workout routine, a piece of exercise equipment would not be able to give you the best results if you are not using it the right way.
Here are important things to remember on how to use an elliptical machine correctly.
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How To Use An Elliptical Machine Correctly

Your elliptical workouts will be effective as you start, continue, and end correctly.

There is actually a wrong and a right way in using an elliptical so you have to pay attention to these things.

Focus on Stepping On The Pedals

Don’t step on the pedals absentmindedly. It will move even while you are stepping on the pedals and this can catch you off guard and can lead to injuries.

This can give you bad experiences about the elliptical before you can even begin working out. Hold on to the handlebars then step on the pedals.

Maintain Proper Elliptical Form

We all know what most people try to do: they make themselves comfy while on the elliptical.

There is a proper form to maintain. Should feet stay flat on ellipticals? They sure should be flat!

Keep your spine straight, head upright, abdominals tucked in, and pelvis forward.

Keep Your Arms In Good Position

Hold on tight to the handlebars! They are there for a reason and that is to keep you standing upright.

You can use both the handlebars for balance but they can also be used to exercise your upper body.

Pedal Forward

To begin your elliptical motion, start with pedaling forward.

Bend your knees a bit and keep it that way as you go through the motion.

Keeping your knees straight will make the movement feel odd.

As you keep your knees bent, you can go even faster if you want. You have better control on movement.
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Change Up Your Settings

Those who start to feel bored about an elliptical might be skipping on this step.

Your challenge can change depending on your resistance, speed, and incline settings.

Just make sure you are not leaning into the handle bars because if you do, this is already cheating! You need the correct form for the benefits to affect you more.

A higher resistance will benefit your calves, glutes, and hamstrings while a lower resistance targets the quads more.

Set A Time and Keep Going

The best time to reach for working out in an elliptical would be at least 20 minutes.

You can go longer than that for more challenges. If you really want high intensity training, go no lower than the 20 minutes.

Use Any Elliptical Program or App

The greatness of many workout machines is that they have built in programs or apps you can use to change up your workout.

Having variety in your workouts can help you have continuous results.

Go for the hill, interval training, or fat burn options so you can change things as you work on your fitness. Don’t do the same workout again and again and again!
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Invest on an Elliptical Machine

Don’t scrimp on a cheap machine that will break on you in less than a month. Plus, you don’t want to get injured.

Need help choosing the perfect equipment for your workouts? Contact us at Fitness Expo and we’re more than happy to help!

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