The Best Types of Weight Equipment

The effects of being overweight on an individual’s physical and emotional health can be devastating. Aside from the numerous physical health problems associated with being overweight, medical researches have revealed that gaining extra pounds can result in mental stress, body image disturbance, and other unhealthy conditions. Individuals who are overweight are most likely to suffer from depression and develop anti-social behavior. While there are certain genetic disorders that lead to excessive weight gain, recent trends point out that being overweight is the outcome of a sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical exercise. With the recent rise of health awareness, more and more individuals are struggling to lose weight through regular exercise. The importance of exercise in weight reduction has led to the enormous development of the many types of weight equipment including cables, smith machines, and kettlebells.

While these exercise and fitness machines are designed to help you reduce weight and achieve a fit physique, they do not yield results if not used properly. Hence, it is crucial that you familiarize yourself with each type of weight equipment before starting any workout program.

One essential piece of exercise equipment that you should consider if you want to perform a variety of workouts is the cable machine.  The cable machine is generally made up of a large rectangular metal frame that has a cable on each side. One of the key benefits of using a cable machine is that it gives your muscles the right stimulus they need from basic dumbbell and barbell workouts. Unlike other exercise and fitness equipment, the machine allows for more efficient unilateral movement, thus providing you with a complete range of motion and the ability to stabilize your muscles during difficult workouts.

Another vital piece of fitness equipment is the smith machine. Smith machines are special gym machines that typically feature a series of notches which support a barbell. The smith machine is designed mainly to aid you in a variety of exercises including squats, seated press exercises, and strength trainings. Just like weight machines, the smith machine provides a stable environment for your workouts. Since you only need to flick your wrist to lock the barbell in place,   it is also a safer option if you want to perform intense workouts without a spotter. Additionally, when you use a smith a machine, you no longer need to stabilize the weight by yourself, thus allowing you to lift bigger weights than you could possibly do with other exercise machines.

The kettlebell is another piece of weight equipment that should be included in your list. The benefits of kettlebells are overwhelming that many fitness enthusiasts consider it as one of the most versatile equipment for losing weight quickly. In fact, kettlebell workout routines are becoming the latest trend in the fitness world today. Kettlebells look like bowling balls with a handle. Although they offer the same benefits as with weight machines and cardio machines, kettle bells are more practical to use since they are smaller and less expensive.  The benefits of kettlebell workouts may include calorie burning, increased strength, and enhanced athletic performance.

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