The Connection Between Sleep, Exercise and Fitness

The Connection Between Sleep, Exercise and Fitness

An increasing number of researchers are finding a connection between sleep, exercise and fitness. People who get less sleep tend to pack on the pounds. The proper balance of sleep and exercise can help people become healthier and more fit. Discover more about the connection between a good night’s sleep, regular exercise and achieving your fitness goals.


Get Sleep Every Night


Sleep is actually a crucial part of staying fit. Losing and gaining weight is tied into how much sleep and exercise you get. When people get enough sleep, they have more energy to exercise. Their muscles are healthier and their hormones are more balanced. People should try to get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night. This helps their bodies and minds to rejuvenate. This time of rest is essential for your body to perform at its best.


Exercise Each Day


We hear it frequently, but still people tend to skip a day or two between workouts. Exercise helps to release feel-good endorphins and hormones that can help suppress your appetite. When you get enough sleep, you have the energy to exercise. Most experts agree that people need to get moving for at least a half hour each day. This could include a vigorous run to the grocery store or cleaning the house to upbeat music on a busy day. While these are great occasional substitutes, it is important to include resistance training, stretching and aerobic exercises into your routine.


Sleeping and Exercising Are an Ideal Couple


When people sleep each night for at least 6 hours and exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes daily, they start to see a reduction of fat in their bodies. They have the motivation to exercise and start to resist the temptation of unhealthy foods. Sleeping and exercising are also good for your mind and mood. When you are well-rested and active, you feel better about yourself and it shows.


Handling a Hectic Schedule


The biggest problem for most people is trying to fit sleep and exercise into their hectic schedules. Having a routine and staying organized are essential for success. While you can skip a couple of hours of sleep, or one day of working out, this should only be done once or twice a month. Making it a regular routine to skip sleep and exercise can compromise your well-being. The key is to make sleep and exercise accessible so you can fit both into each day.


Making it Easy


Create an inviting bedroom environment with a comfortable mattress that makes you want to go to sleep at night. Stop vigorous activities about 45 minutes before you go to bed, including reading emails, so you can peacefully sleep. Establish a home gym where you can exercise at your convenience. Choose machines that emulate your favorite activities, such as a stationary bike or rowing machine. The Horizon Elite R-7 bike provides a low-impact, high performance workout. Check out the quiet smoothness of the Water Rower to get the experience of rowing without hitting the water.