Things you Need to Know Before Having Your Exercise Equipment Repaired

Things you Need to Know Before Having Your Exercise Equipment Repaired

Metairie professional fitness equipment is great. These machines, whether in your commercial gym or as part of home exercise equipment, provide you with a (usually) reliable, consistent and safe way to improve your fitness and reach your goals: be they losing weight or building muscle.

But our exercise equipment doesn’t always perform as intended. Regular use, improper or failure to carry out routine maintenance, and wear and tear can all lead to Metairie professional fitness equipment becoming prone to breaking down.

Read on to learn more about what you need to know before enlisting a home exercise equipment repair professional.

Home Exercise Equipment Repair – It’s Broke, what now?

When home exercise equipment breaks down, it can really throw a wrench in your plans. But before you go running to the phonebook or Google to find a repair service, there are a few things you should take into consideration.

1. Is home exercise equipment repair – is it the right option

Fitness equipment, such as the BH Fitness S2XI Elliptical, are not cheap. They often represent a significant investment into your fitness, health and wellbeing, and when well-maintained can last decades.

But is repairing them the right play when they break down?

Consider the following:

  • Costs of replacement vs. repair
  • How old is your current make/model (is it time for an upgrade)?
  • Is your current equipment meeting your needs or have they changed over time?
  • Is your equipment at the point at which it will be prone to more and more breakdowns, thus increasing the cost of ownership over time?
  • What kind of impact will further breakdowns have on your life?
  • Are there any health or safety concerns with aging equipment?

In some cases, repairing your equipment might make the most sense. This is especially true if your equipment isn’t very old, is meeting your current and projected future needs, and when the cost of replacement is a lot higher than the projected costs of upkeep and maintenance.

However, if your needs have changed, or if your make/model is older and outdated, or isn’t keeping up with the needs of yourself, family or business…it might be time for an upgrade.

2. Is your Equipment Under Warranty?

Whether you realize it or not, your elliptical machine or other exercise equipment might actually fall under either the manufacturer or store’s warranty. In such cases, you may be able to get your equipment serviced and repaired with minimal out of pocket costs.

For example, high-quality elliptical machines such as the Octane XR6XI Classic Seated Elliptical or the Hoist MI7 Functional Training System often come with generous manufacturer warranties

3. What Expect with the Repair Process

Often times a service technician will come out on site to your home or office. They will usually begin by inspecting your equipment in order to diagnose and detect issues. They may need room to operate the equipment, so make sure the area is clear. They will also usually check for any unknown issues such as sensors or issues with belt-driven systems.

In the event that additional parts or labor are required or necessary in order to complete the repair, the technician should present you with a price quote and discuss options with you before proceeding.

4. How Long Do Repairs Usually Take?

The time necessary to repair your home exercise equipment will depend on a few things:

  • The complexity of the repair
  • The extent of any damage caused by equipment failure
  • Make / model and type of equipment
  • Whether or not necessary parts are in stock

However, when no additional parts are needed, many repairs can be completed within 45-90 minutes.

5. Will “aftermarket” or Brand Name Parts Be Used?

When considering repairs, look into the difference in cost and quality of manufacturer parts vs “aftermarket” parts that may be lower in quality but more cost-effective. Always ask your repair technician what they use and what they recommend, as well as why.

Not Sure if Equipment Repair or Replacement is Right for You?

Few things are as frustrating as having your exercise equipment break down right when you’re ready to get in your daily workout. But if this does happen, you are left with two choices: have it repaired, or purchase a new machine.

There are many factors to consider when weighing the benefits of buying vs repairing, and the correct answer will be one that is specific to your unique circumstances. If you’re having trouble deciding or need additional guidance, give the team at Fitness Expo a call today. Their team of expert fitness consultants would be happy to help you figure things out.