Vectra VX-DC – A Modular Design for Modern Exercise

Vectra VX-DC – A Modular Design for Modern Exercise

The Vectra VX-DC is a simple machine that offers excellent quality for customers looking to get the most out of their chin and dip exercises.

Dipping is not as popular as it was once, which is odd because it is one of the best ways to get a controlled, high quality workout for your triceps. Chin ups are still a staple, but they really benefit from being combined with a solid dipping regimen as well.

This is where the VX-DC comes in. Offering a stable dipping surface along with its chin up settings, it allows you to combine these two excellent workouts in a single machine. And because the workout is assisted by the layout of the machine, it is easy to start out and progress towards the unassisted mode.

The staff at Fitness Expo are highly trained in body mechanics and exercise routines. They can show you how to properly do your dips and chins with the VX-DC, and get the most out of this device. To take advantage of their expertise and knowledge, you can visit any Fitness Expo store in Louisiana, with locations including Metairie, Shreveport, Kenner, Baton Rouge, and Mississippi residents are invited to come by our Jackson store as well!

To really help owners get the most out of their dip exercises, the dipping bars are adjustable. They can accommodate four different width positions, making them very useful for getting different focuses out of each of your routines. This also allows them to better accommodate multiple users who may have different width preferences for their exercises.

The VX-DC is a modular device, meaning that it can be used in two ways. You can buy it for its own use, setting it up as a freestanding machine. If you need a dedicated chin and dip workout device, this makes it ideal and convenient, as it has a small floor footprint and can fit in most home gyms. Alternately, you can use the modular mounting and attach it to any other VX series exercise gym.  It’s also an excellent choice for users who want to start with one device and then upgrade over time to a larger machine.