Vibration Machines: The New Fitness Trend

Vibration Machines: The New Fitness Trend

Vibration machines came into the fitness world as early people jump on the bandwagon. You see them on your television’s infomercial and exercise equipment stores have a section devoted to them. However, there’s still an ongoing debate whether vibration machines do have the same benefits as other fitness equipment such as elliptical, rowers, and treadmills. First, it’s basically a lazy way of exercising, relying on shortcuts and second, it doesn’t even involve moving any part of your body.

Because of its function, it earned a name of “passive exercise” and the phrase “exercising without exercising”. This trend is basically doing nothing at all but you can still burn calories provided you have the right equipment, according to their advocates.

They are initially developed for athletes who want to improve their training and they also happen to be included in gym exercises and regular conditioning. Vibration therapies involve lying, standing, sitting or doing exercises on specific equipment. It is theorized that vibration machines transfer signals into muscles and tissues, all the while increasing muscle contraction. Another theory is that it increases bone density since our bone cells are sensitive to vibrations. However, these are just theories and the effects of vibration are still yet to be determined.

Despite numerous theories popping here and there, manufacturers still continue designing vibration machines. Below are the most common machines that are out on the market and their respective benefits.

Whole Body Vibration Machine

Also, known as “Power Plate”, it is considered to be the latest and most popular choice in the vibration equipment roster. This is used to train Russian cosmonauts and was spread across Japan and Europe, and eventually made its way to the US market. This machine tricks the body into thinking it’s falling and known to trigger stress reflexes.

Benefits According to the Manufacturers: Increase circulation and muscle strength, as well as bone mineral density, flexibility, and enhanced metabolism, reduced cellulite and stimulate collagen production for smoother skin

Electronic Ab Stimulators

This machine delivers tiny electrical “shocks” to the body and stimulates muscle contractions.

Benefits According to the Manufacturers: Stronger and firmer visible abs in 30 days.

Chi Machines

Shakes the body from the ankles up; shaking and moving are stimulated as long as the person is lying down.

Benefits According to the Manufacturers: Improved metabolism, relaxed muscles, stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. It also benefits individuals with diabetes, migraine, lymphodemia, and fibromyalgia.

Inversion Boots

First developed in 1970 primarily for reducing chronic back pain, this particular machine helps improve posture and core strength.

Benefits According to the Manufacturers: Helps “decompress” an individual’s joints and muscles and also known to increase circulation.

Do These Machines Really Work?

As aforementioned, it is yet to confirm if the following vibration machines do benefit a person’s health. There are numerous tests done for vibration machines to determine if they promote weight loss and the chances for such are pretty slim. The weight loss benefit is rarely seen in vibration exercise or therapy alone. On the other hand, vibration therapies have become a leading choice for patients who have limited capacity in taking mobility exercises. Candidates for these include patients suffering from stroke, osteoarthritis, type 2 diabetes, and pulmonary diseases.

If you have any of these cases, vibration machines are recommended to keep your ailments at bay. You can always opt for this machine and start doing exercises at the confines of your home. Fitness Expo offers vibration machines designed to improve the way you exercise. Our fitness products are equipped with the latest technologies, coupled with modern features to help you track your progress. Available on our roster are used exercise equipment, brand new gym supplies and accessories, and more machines for your home fitness regimen. We got all bases covered, from commercial weight lifting equipment to easy to use spin bikes.