Why Choose a Cybex Treadmill? Best Cybex Treadmills and What They Offer


mandeville home fitness exercise equipment treadmills - Fitness ExpoOf all the different pieces of equipment to include in the gym, the treadmill is one of the most important. However, with various choices in the market these days, finding the best treadmill to match the needs of the gym can be quite challenging.  When it comes to brand names that ensure good quality products, Cybex ranks high. Below are some of the reasons why many people choose a Cybex treadmill over others.


Features of a Cybex Treadmill

One of the reasons why people choose a Cybex Treadmill is because it is expected to offer a lot of great feature that address the needs of anyone looking to stay fit through exercise equipment such as treadmill.

Cybex offers a wide array of treadmills but the best and most popular treadmills made by Cybex are the following:


  1. The 750T is a top-of-the-line high performance treadmill;
  2. the 770T is a groundbreaking machine while keeping a user-friendly interface;
  3. the 625T features a bigger running space with an AC drive but reasonably priced;
  4. and the 425T is made for shopper’s homes thanks for its right size at just the right price.


The first three models are commercial Cybex treadmills which are known for their amazing features, while the fourth is a home gym equipment on which you can do a variety of exercises aside from walking or running.


Cybex Treadmill 770T The 770T has an adjustable, dual-speed fan meant for users to stay cool at all times. It also has a CardioTouch which keeps the user’s workout goals such as Time, Distance, or Calorie. Other cool features include: iPod & iPhone Compatible, the Self-Serve Deck, a Heart Rate Monitoring system found on its multi-colored LED. With these features, you can workout or burn calories while listening to music, or watching videos of fitness training. If you want to add some “fun” to your workout sessions, then this is definitely a good choice.


Cybex Treadmill 750T The 750T boasts of its top of the line programming feature; it has 10 standard, 9 custom, 5 fitness systems. It also has a Split Level Display. More features include: Self-Serve Deck, Cool Belt and Heart Rate Monitoring system just like that of the 770T.


Cybex Treadmill 625T The 625T like the 750T uses a Split Level Display and a Heart Rate Monitoring system. Its key feature is its user-centric design with Speed and Incline buttons in an easily accessible place for any user.


It is easy to see why Cybex is a bestseller. Users and gym owners all over the world have been buying treadmills from Cybex mainly because they offer amazing features and are also known for their durability. A Cybex treadmill is definitely a great addition to your commercial gym or a home gym. Visit Fitness Expo Stores today for more information about Cybex treadmills and other fitness equipment.


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