10 Hottest Songs to Add in Your Workout Playlist to Get Extra Pumped

10 Hottest Songs to Add in Your Workout Playlist to Get Extra Pumped

Whenever you enter the gym, pretty sure the first thing you can hear is a song blasting in the speakers.

You either love or hate that song which can affect your mood while working out.

But with some fitness gyms closed due to the pandemic, you are forced to do your workout routine at home.

On top of that, you are left in charge of making your own workout playlist. Is that a good thing? For some, it will be. You have a direct control over the songs you can listen to.

But why do most people even listen to music while working out? Does it make a difference in your stamina and energy?

Benefits of Working Out with Music

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While some people opt to exercise without listening to music, most people find working out to songs a lot better.

Moreover, doing your workout at home can be extra harder.

The comfort of your own home, being near to your soft bed and kitchen, can be a distraction for some to finish their routine.

That is why some music blasting from your speakers or your AirPods might be handy to keep you focused.

  • Music sets your mood. Whether you prefer pop, rap, rock, or even jazz, music can put you “in the zone”. Exercising will definitely make you sweat and drain your energy. Being in your best possible mood to finish your set is very important.
  • Music enhances coordination. The beats of your workout songs can definitely improve your coordination. One way or another, there is a high chance that you would associate your timing and repetition to the tune of what you’re listening to
  • Music improves performance and reduces pain. Whether you notice it or not, listening to your favorite workout songs can amp you up. The idea and feeling of being exhausted can go away, at least for a few minutes. According to some studies, music can reduce several levels of pain. Muscle sores and aches will definitely not stop you from exercising.
  • Songs make you enjoy while you sweat. Whether you are doing cardio on your treadmill or lifting those weights, music will make it more fun. The last thing you would want while sweating is being bored and agitated. You can groove, move, and workout to the rhythm of the songs you are listening to.
  • The lyrics can motivate you. The words in every song you listen to can be associated with certain memories you have. If Beyoncé tells you to Move Your Body, you will probably do it with a smile.

Physical Fitness Music for You!

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Since music can make or break your workout at home, here are 10 of the hottest songs you can add to your playlist to get pumped even more.

1. Work B**ch – Britney Spears
The lead single from her eighth studio album, the song peaked at number 12 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Hearing the “Princess of Pop” tells you to work it out to have a hot body can definitely give you an adrenaline rush.

2. Physical – Dua Lipa
Released as a second single from her critically acclaimed album Future Nostalgia, this song will give you the physical boost you need. You can also do your workout while watching the workout accompaniment video of the song.

3. Not Today – BTS
If you are a K-pop fan, Not Today is your hottest bet for a workout song. This song by South Korean boy group BTS was released in 2017. You can find it in many K-pop playlists on Spotify.

4. Motivation – Normani
What is a better song to motivate you to workout than a song already titled as one? This is one of Normani’s biggest hits and was included in several lists of the best songs in 2019.

5. Boss B**ch – Doja Cat
In every playlist, there will always be a song to hype you up. While sweating out, you will definitely feel like a boss with this song.

6. Godzilla – Eminem featuring Juice Wrld
Released in January of this year, Godzilla is a song by American rapper Eminem featured on his 2020 Album, Music to be Murdered By.

7. Rain On Me – Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande
Rain On Me is the second single to Lady Gaga’s highly anticipated Chromatica album. When it was released, the song debuted atop the US Billboard Hot 100.

8. Saturday Night’s Alright – Elton John
Having a good ol’ classic in your workout playlist is always a hit. Nostalgia to the beats of the 1970s will make your hips groove and make your exercise extra fun.

9. Don’t You Worry Child – Swedish House Mafia
EDM music, apart from pop, is probably the favorite genre of most people to add in their workout playlist. The song is the final single released by the band before their disbandment.

10. Bodak Yellow – Cardi B
Can you even call it a playlist without a Cardi song? Bodak Yellow was the breakout song of the American rapper that brought her to international fame.

Be sure to enjoy your next workout while listening to these songs!

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