Is Standing On a Vibration Plate Enough To Lose Weight?

Is Standing On a Vibration Plate Enough To Lose Weight?

The road to healthy living differs for every person. But the basic foundation that all healthy lifestyles need is diet and exercise. A lot of people have studied ways to make these work for everyone.

This is most especially true for exercise. A lot of innovations focus on making exercise available to everyone. Changes made include home workouts.

The work out equipment has also been improving to target different parts of the body. Others are designing equipment so that people can work out in the comfort of their homes.

The vibration plate is becoming very popular these days. Gyms are filling up their space with these low impact equipment.

What are these vibration plates and can they do anything for our fitness?

Vibration Plate and Its Benefits

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These vibrations machines are equipment that vibrates at a rapid pace.

This whole-body vibration plate aims to strengthen the body and to burn calories. You can either stand, sit, or lie on the vibration platform.

As it vibrates, it sends energy to your body and this forces your muscles to contract.

Common vibration plates available can shake up 30 to 50 times per second and cause your body to work.
Other notable benefits of using the vibration plate are the following.

  • With proper use, the vibration platform can help boost muscle strength and mass.
  • It can also help with burning calories if you also watch what you eat. This also depends on the person’s height, weight, and body composition.
  • This helps improve balance, coordination, and flexibility.
  • Mayo Clinic cites that some research supports that it can reduce back pain. For older adults especially women, using vibration platforms lessens the chance of osteoporosis.
  • In one study done, forty people with cerebral palsy improved on their ability to walk and stand up. They used their vibration plate machine for 20 weeks.

Others use the vibration plate to release tension from certain parts of the body.

They place a certain part of the body and allow the vibrations to relax these tense body parts. Those with sore shoulders put their arms (with palms faced down) on the platform.

This also helps stretch the muscles on arms. Leg calves are also placed to relieve sore legs and feet.

Remember to practice proper caution when you use your personal power plate. If you have pre-existing conditions, check with your physician first.

Ask for any precautions about using vibrating platforms about your condition.

Elevate Your Vibration Plate Machine Experience

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A lot of us might be asking questions about having your own personal power plate.

But one popular question can be: is it enough to help lose weight if I just stand on the platform?

Using this equipment might seem like the perfect “shortcut” to effective weight loss.

But one important principle in fitness and exercise is if it seems easy, you might be doing it wrong.

Try These Vibration Platform Exercises

Adding more exercise while using your power plate machine can do wonders. Some estimations show that one hour of aerobic workouts can help lose at least 200 up to 500 calories.

For those who are not yet used to vibration plate exercises, you can start small with poses.

You can slowly work your way up to dynamic exercises as you become more comfortable. Some poses you can start with are half squats and lunges. You can advance to proper squats and leg stretches.

  • Isometric Squats
    This is best done with platforms that have handles. Stand on the platform with your feet apart (about a shoulder’s width).

Squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Hold for at least 30 seconds and then rest. You can repeat this 8-10 times.

  • Split Squats
    One foot is on the platform while the other is on the floor. Position the foot on the floor backward, so you are stretching your leg.

Bend both legs at the same time then go back to the original stance. Repeat several times and hold to the handles for support.

  • Push-ups

Like the regular push-ups, put your hands on the platform and extend your arms.

Every time you lower your chest, bend your knees. Pause for a few seconds once your chest is near the platform then go back to your original position.

Exercising is most effective when you exert effort and attention.

There should be enough cardio, strength training, and aerobic activities. Smart innovations like the vibrating plate can help exercising available for more people. Once you have decided to buy one, trust experts that sell quality vibrating plates.

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