8 Time-Saving Workouts to Stay Active When Working From Home

8 Time-Saving Workouts to Stay Active When Working From Home

Health should always be a priority especially when work takes its toll on you.

This is especially true for remote workers who find comfort in staying indoors for days on end.

Turning into a lazy blob while working at home can be avoided by a desire to get back into shape with flexible yet time-saving workouts that you can incorporate in your daily schedule.

Work from Home Exercise Routine

You should create a daily routine that includes exercises to help promote your well being—mentally, physically, and yes, emotionally.

Do your best to squeeze in more exercise into your day with some work-from-home exercises.

Stay in great shape with these time-saving workouts!

Jump Rope Jumps to Get Your Heart Rate Up

Get your jumps in with a jumping rope whether as a warm-up exercise before other workouts or simply to get your heart rate up between meetings and online tasks that you are accomplishing.

It’s a great cardio workout before or after a run.

This minimal type of work from home exercise equipment can be stowed away in a drawer easily—say, in one of the drawers of your computer desk so you will grab it easily when you need the jumps.

Climb Steps

Whether it’s in your house, your apartment building, or anywhere near in your community, do some climbing on the stairs.

You can also purchase a stair climber gym equipment to work your core. Pump your arms like you’re walking briskly while you climb up and down the stairs for a total calorie burn.

Do Resistance Band Workouts

Resistance bands can be part of your home gym or you can use them for a stand-alone work-at-home exercise routine for strength training.

Like the jump rope, they barely take any space, and they provide tons of flexibility in how to use them for exercise while working from home.


It’s easy to install a pull-up bar in a doorway where you can easily walk by and start a workout with.

Pull-up exercises are compound exercises that involve working with several muscle groups while strengthening your upper body.

Find a doorway that supports this fitness equipment and make pull-ups a part of your work-from-home workout challenge.

Check out these home pull up workouts for women.

Do Some Weights

Keep a pair of starter weights near your desk that you can use to do repeated arm movements during calls or while you are waiting for a file to upload.

A few dumbbells can come in handy for a good workout at home even if you don’t have a dedicated workout space for gym equipment.

For a starter weight set, you can try neoprene weights, wrist weights, or free weights that you can store under your bed, beneath a table, or even under the bathroom sink if you prefer to keep them out of sight when you’re not using them.

Move It Before or After You Sit

If you are a morning person and you can get up earlier before hitting your chair in front of your computer, go for a walk, jog, run, or bike around the block or down the street.

Use the time that you used to commute to do a spin and get a workout before you go online for work.

Walking is an excellent way to burn the belly fat that tends to build up when you’re sitting all day.

Running is also a perfect post-work fitness activity where you can run off all the workday stresses. These exercises take absolutely zero equipment and all you have to do is move your feet!

Rain preventing you from going out? Try this Precor TRM 223 Energy Series treadmill instead.

work from home exercise routine

Try a Work-Out Routine with Push-ups, Planks, and Squats

Create some home workout goals with a workout routine that you can have it down pat with a partner for immediate motivation.

Involve every part of your body by exercising with squats, dips, planks, push-ups, burpees, and their modifications.

These are great strength workouts that utilize several muscles in your body.


Stretching gives your joints and muscles movement before you sink in your chair and work the day out.

It helps relieve aches in your joints and tense muscles that you might get from sitting too long.

You can do stretches before, during, and after your work schedule.

Do any type of stretch that you learned in your high school PE class or from online yoga.
Yoga stretches and poses help you work on your core strength and balance to complete your home workout routine.

exercise while working from home

Incorporate More Exercise Into Your Day as You Work From Home

Enjoy a happy and healthy work-life balance with these time-saving workouts.

Keep your activity levels high, get your heart pumping, and increase brain activity as you commit to a home exercise routine that you enjoy.

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