Does Rowing Burn Fat?


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There are many reasons to begin a life of regular exercise and proper nutrition.

But, for the most part, fitness enthusiasts are attracted to the promise of a healthy body in top form.

So, how does rowing help in your efforts to target fat stored in the gut and achieve that waistline you have always dreamed of?

Well, let’s examine how the special benefits of rowing can help you achieve your fitness goals.

A Winning Plan to Attack Belly Fat

Using a rowing machine is not enough, you will need to understand the process of interfacing with your body’s fat storage and release functions.

Everyone is different and will begin storing or losing fats in different pockets around the body such as the shoulders, hips, waist or lower back.

The key to addressing this is a steady routine of exercise, balanced eating and proper rest.

By increasing the body’s regular energy expenditure while reducing the intake of calories and carbs, the body will naturally begin to use this stored energy (fats) for fueling your rowing routine.

The more you row, the more energy will be used.

With time and effort, the levels of stored fat will be reduced.

There is no way to know which pockets of stored fat will be addressed first.

Some people tend to lose fat in the face and neck first, many find that the fat in the thighs, belly, and hips takes longer to burn off.

One reason belly fat takes longer to burn away is that it’s composed of subcutaneous fat, the type that builds up below the skin, and another more difficult type called visceral fat. 

The type that builds upon the intestines and organs.

But, the answer to both types remains the same.

Time and persistence is the key to burning all this away and the rowing machine offers an ideal routine to follow to success. 

What are the benefits of rowing machine workouts for banishing belly fat?

One of the Best Cardio Routines You can Find

The strongest hearts in the athletic world belong to the class of professional rowers, making rowing one of the best cardio exercises you can find.

It’s a known fact that cardio is the most efficient exercise for burning energy and calories as well as building a strong heart and lung capacity.

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Spend an hour rowing and you can burn anywhere from 500 to 800 calories.

According to the 3500-calorie hypothesis, only 500 calories need to be burned a day to lose a pound in a week.

Of course, this is a ballpark figure. It will be up to you to push your limits and develop a routine that takes you where you want to go.

An intense full-body workout

Rowing engages the entire body and almost all the major muscle groups in each motion.

This ensures great energy output and a very balanced full-body workout that targets the shoulders, arms, chest, core, thighs, and legs.

Besides a leaner body, you’ll also gain considerable strength without the bulky look common among weightlifters.

Easy on the Joints

For the elderly, those recovering from injuries and illness and those that are beginning their fitness routines for the first time, rowing offers a fun low-impact routine.

Because there are no weight or harsh movements, rowing works to preserve the joints and connective tissues of the body.

This reduced the likelihood of pulling or injuring a muscle that can throw your plans.

This routine is so gentle on the body it can be practiced by people of all ages.

Rowing Machine Interval Training

Make the most of your exercise time by increasing your energy expenditure. 

Interval training boosts the metabolism significantly and helps your belly flattening. 

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Do this by alternating your regular rowing speed and resistance, with a faster pace or greater resistance for the high-intensity phase. 

Remember to begin slowly and warm up well, always keep your high-intensity sections half as long as your regular intensity phase. 

Rowing Exercise Machines for Losing Belly Fat

The rowing machine is an integral part of your plans to lose belly fat, but it is not a stand-alone solution. 

Check out this Matrix Rower Machine.

The other 2/3s of the plan will involve your commitment to a healthy diet and proper rest that will support your exercise program. 

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Find a pace and an intensity that keeps you challenged and motivated for the long haul.

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