How to Start with Strength Training Using Exercise Equipment for Home

How to Start with Strength Training Using Exercise Equipment for Home

If you want to start working out at home you need to set aside and dedicate a space that makes a welcoming and encouraging environment for you to work out in. 

One big plus to the home gym other than not having to commute is being able to set the mood of the environment and play whatever music you like. 

But beyond that, you don’t have to worry about the equipment you want to use is already taken and disrupting your routine. 

Everything is there when you need it and you can build up clear reliable workout regiments that allow you to work for every muscle group in your body in rotation without any disruptions or having to improvise because it just wasn’t possible to use the machine you wanted. 

While a gym membership is great for beginners to get in the habit of working out by forcing them to be accountable, a home gym allows the freedom and specialization to meet your workout goals and needs without having to trouble yourself with commutes, wasting gas and time, and having to deal with people in your way for your goals.

Getting Started with Exercise Equipment for Home

To start off on setting the tone for your ideal workout environment, you’ll want to ensure that your basic workouts are all made comfortable.

A thick yoga mat is absolutely essential so you don’t cause unnecessary stress and pain on the knees during lunges and various stretches and workouts, but will also save you a pain in the neck and back while doing the various forms of crunches and situps. 

Making your environment comfortable is essential in making it something you’ll want to keep doing. If your workout is literally a pain in the neck it’s quite likely you won’t keep at it and will have wasted your investment in the home gym.

Moving from the basic no-equipment warm-ups and workouts you’ll easily want to transition into free weights and getting a seat or bench to expand the variety of curls and lifts that you can do with them to target a plurality of muscle groups. 

Dumbells are small and easy to store and form the basis for working out your arms and can even stand-in for a barbell for a bench press like the Life Fitness Hammer Strength Olympic Flat Bench while also forcing you to focus on keeping your hands steady without the actual connection of the bar. 

Having the weighted discs around is also handy for adding weight to other workouts by carrying them, holding them to your chest and any other means to get that extra weight and resistance in an otherwise easy without workout to take it to the next level.

Maybe you’ve already started to get your own basic home gym together but want to take things more seriously and take your fitness goals to the next level. 

You’ve got your yoga mats and mastered all the simple exercises one can perform without any fancy equipment and want to reach for loftier heights!

Beyond the Bench

Moving into actually pumping iron, one of the first low investment high payoff items one can purchase is a good heavy set of kettlebells. 

These weights are useful for a variety of strength exercises all the way from your arms to your glutes as you employ them in rows, curls, squats, and deadlifts. 

But maybe you’ve already gotten a good set of kettlebells, they’re one of the most important and cheap options for building up a personal gym. 

Then maybe you’re ready to move onto some bigger toys if your space permits. 

The benchpress is a timeless classic in workout routines that builds up arm strength as well as those highly desirable toned pectorals. 

The bell bar is also useful in other exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and even curls. 

The barbell is essential if you want to push onwards into heavy lifting and getting well defined powerful muscles for showing off or just general strength and fitness to pull the distance and make a physically engaged job easier.

Overall Fitness

Most of us won’t have room to fit a variety of machines for working out our legs and other specific muscle groups. 

At the very least an elliptical offers versatility in the muscle groups targeted by adjusting the balance point in your foot that you rest your weight on, but when you don’t have room for an elliptical or just want a more rep-focused workout against resistance then resistance bands are an easy solution to your space and lack of other machines. 

A little bit of research into how to use various lengths of bands will reveal a whole new world that will let you master toning your glutes and pretty much any other muscle group in your body with one of the most cost-effective in-home exercise equipment that you can get your hands on if you’re willing to do the research in how to use them properly.

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