Precor 240i – Yoga isn’t the Only Way to Stretch

Precor 240i – Yoga isn’t the Only Way to Stretch

Stretching is an excellent form of exercise, but it isn’t often treated properly. Many simply use it as a prelude to another form of workout, or they neglect it entirely. Yoga and other disciplines do focus on stretching, but this is certainly not the only way to get a robust and effective stretching routine into your workout schedule.


Enter the Precor 240i, a workout machine dedicated to helping you get the most out of your stretches.


Stretching provides a host of benefits. It can increase muscle strength gradually, raise your flexibility, reduce joint pain and increase range of motion. What the 240i offers is a device that keeps your body in mechanically correct positions as you do your stretches.


Specifically, the 240i keeps your body in a supported, seated position as you stretch, allowing you to focus on back and lower body muscle groups. Stretching these muscles properly is vital to a good workout – far too many fitness buffs miss out on weeks of exercise because they didn’t focus on their supporting muscles properly. In addition, the Precor includes an instructional guide that helps lead you through eight strong workouts that maximize the benefits your muscles and joints will receive from your stretching regimen.


If you would like to know more about the 240i, you should come to Fitness Expo, with stores located throughout Louisiana in Kenner, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, and Metairie. Or you could come by our store in Jackson, Mississippi, if you’re a MS resident.


Fitness Expo staff are well trained in exercise fundamentals, biomechanical exercise information, and in the proper use of all of our machines. These highly trained staff can show you how to do the exercises the 240i was designed to accomplish, so you know exactly how to get the best benefits out of your purchase.


The Precor 240i is a great addition to any gym, whether in your own home or at a place of business. If you haven’t yet, consider incorporating this excellent stretching device into your routine so you can reap the benefits of a dedicated stretching workout, and start feeling fit today.