Should You Buy a Commercial Treadmill?

Should You Buy a Commercial Treadmill?

For fitness enthusiasts and for those people looking forward to staying fit at home, finding the perfect treadmill is based on how you want to use the exercise machine and how long and often you plan to spend time on it.

You may want something that can keep up with your physical fitness goals while still working out in the available space you have.

Nowadays, many are buying commercial treadmills to use inside their house as many gyms have closed down or limit the number of people due to the covid restrictions.

However, buying a commercial treadmill is a bit bigger than treadmills fit only for residential use.

So you might find it a bit more difficult to fit it in a space if you are living in tight rooms, but if a commercial treadmill is what you prefer, it is all up to you.

What Does a Commercial Grade Treadmill Mean?

Commercial-grade treadmills means that they are of higher quality than regular treadmills.

Treadmills which are labeled commercial grade are built to operate longer hours in places where
there are many users in one day, places like gyms, hotel fitness rooms, a physical therapy clinic, or an athlete’s training center.

How Long Do Commercial Treadmills Last and How Much Does One Cost?

Two Women Exercising on treadmills - Fitness ExpoTo receive a commercial grade rating, the exercise machine should be able to withstand being used 6 hours a day, whereas a residential or light used treadmill can be able to function for 3 hours a day.

Most commercial treadmills come with higher price tags of around $3,000 and up, so if you are considering buying a commercial-grade treadmill, you should be prepared to pay a higher price. A higher price for more features, duration, and quality.

Research in advance what kind of commercial treadmill model you will get so you will be prepared and ready to use it.

The best brands to look out for are Precor and Peloton. Check out this Precor TRM 631 Treadmill that is easy to use for both beginners and intermediate.

Should I Get a Commercial Treadmill?

Before getting a commercial treadmill, you should be aware that they are a tad pricier than residential treadmills due to their capacity, size, and features so you should know that piece of information before spending your money.

If you do get a commercial treadmill you should plan to use them as much as possible and utilize its full potential.

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They are mainly used in a commercial setting like in gyms where many people can use them several times a day with people of various weights, sizes, and duration.

Hence, explaining the higher price tag than a residential one where you or a couple of other people will exclusively use it.

If you live in tight spaces and you bought a commercial treadmill, to utilize the space it takes up when not in use, you should consider a commercial treadmill with a folding deck so that you can store it away when you are not using it.

What is the Best Commercial Grade Treadmill?

A commercial treadmill has warranties for when it is used multiple times a day in many places where there is high foot traffic like workout rooms for the police force, health clubs, PT clinics, and training centers.

A warranty is only valid if the machine is used only 6 hours a day.

The treadmill has a commercial-grade as it is made to support all body types and weights, from walking to a fast run, in any duration from five minutes to a marathon duration.

What to Consider in Choosing a Commercial Treadmill?

  1. Quality

    Commercial treadmills are used more than residential and light treadmills so you should pick a treadmill that is durable and can last a long time as they are pricier than their counterparts.

  2. Size

    The commercial treadmill that you end up picking should be suitable if you plan to use it at home or a space elsewhere. Pick a size that is convenient for you to store away if you need the space it occupies when you are not using it. Commercial treadmills tend to be heavier and bulkier so choose ones that can have a folding feature.

  3. Price

    As they are priced more, commercial treadmills are considered an investment as they are more durable and have longer longevity. Pick a treadmill that is worth your money and you get the value of your money when you use it.

If you won’t use it for up to 6 hours a day and won’t use its full potential, go for the mid-priced treadmills.

What is the Best Treadmill for Commercial Use?

The best-rated treadmill for commercial use on Amazon is The NordicTrack T Series treadmill.

This treadmill comes with an interactive seven-inch screen, which allows you to stream the workout app, iFit.
Which will show guided workouts directly to your machine.

This NordicTrack also has an inbuilt treadmill fan, which is helpful if you are exercising outdoors or with no indoor ventilation in the summer heat.

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