The Essentials for At Home Fitness

The Essentials for At Home Fitness

There’s no denying that adult life has become more and more complicated, with responsibilities at work and home bogging down on your every step. Not all of us are celebrities who have time for certain activities and we definitely can’t afford hiring someone to do our adult duties for us.

That being said, most of us don’t really have time for exercise anymore. Sure, walking is considered an exercise and doctors say that just walking from your desk to your office’s water dispenser can make a difference in how your body functions from inside and out. Others might start on their fitness journey, but end up not committing to it. The decision to becoming healthy is easy—acting upon it isn’t considering the factors such as time, determination, and even money. If you want to boost your workout routine, you might need help from your neighborhood gym—or a machine that you can install at home.

Home is Where Your Workout Is

It’s not rocket science that your home can be your makeshift gym where you can do a series of squats, lunges or even yoga. These types of exercises don’t need a lot of workout contraptions to help you become toned and fit. For yoga, all you need is a mat and you’re good to go. For health buffs who still want to squeeze in some time but don’t have the energy to go to the gym anymore, a house can be a great alternative to start pumping some iron.

Fitness supplies and machines aren’t for upscale gyms anymore nor they don’t just exist in hotels, offices or schools. Back then commercial treadmills cater to those who can actually afford them, but a lot of stores are offering discount fitness equipment in this day and age so no need to worry about investing in an exercise machine for your home fitness.

Choosing a Fitness Equipment

It all boils down to your needs. Since you are going to invest in a workout equipment, you need to take note of what type of exercise you want to do at home. Do you want to delve on cardio workouts or strength training? Each equipment is designed to target specific parts of your body, so if developing bulky muscles isn’t your thing, opt for cardio machines such as fitness bikes, treadmills or ellipticals.

Next, is the space of your home. Where do you plan to place your machine/s? You can place them in your living room so you can watch your television whilst exercising or if your house has an area that overlooks your yard, it can serve as an al fresco mini gym. If you are not too keen on the machines eating up your space, then you need to avail on a smaller equipment or supply such as dumbbells, exercise balls or platforms.

Machines for Your Home

Now that you have all the factors settled, it’s time to choose the best workout equipment for you. Below are some of the most common machines that are regular mainstays in the home, hotel and office gyms. Fitness Expo offers a wide array of exercise equipment for a reasonable price. You can also find the machines mentioned in their store.

Core or Abdominal Machines

Targets your abdominal area. This machine is considered more effective than the typical floor crunches. What’s more core machines strengthen your muscle on both sides of your abdomen and back. This is also convenient since you don’t need to lie on the floor or bed to get your abs working.

Lateral Ellipticals

Ideal for individuals who want an all in one body workout. Unlike running, elliptical workouts target more muscles and engage your core. When you use more muscles, you burn more fat. Lateral ellipticals have become favorites among gym nuts because it pumps blood all over your body, making the workout more active.


They come in various sizes so choose one that you think you can easily pick up and work on. Unless you are going to join a bodybuilding competition, the key here is to gradually work your way from the lightest to the heaviest weight. These fitness weights can target not only your arms, but shoulders, buttocks, thighs, and legs as well depending on the type you are using. Plus they won’t take up much space in your home.


No time to go on a boat or kayak adventure? Rower machines give way to a more modern and convenient option of strengthening your arms in the comforts of your home. Just like your trusty free weights, rowers don’t take up much space and you can even use this machine in the corner of your bedroom or living room, provided you have enough leg room to properly align your body. Who says you need a boat and a lake to go on a rowing adventure?


One of the most common machines that you can find even in your colleague’s house. Treadmills are the best alternatives for running or jogging since they imitate the movements of your leg, as well as target your leg muscles, thighs, and buttocks. If you are a hard-core cardio buff, this is definitely the machine for you. The same running session, sans the glare of the sun and the hard pavement. You can also adjust the speed of the machine to your liking.

More Machines for Your Convenience

The fitness industry has changed over time since the 80s where aerobic exercise was in its heyday. Although it’s still considered as the most popular way to burn fat and assist blood circulation, there are many machines that have existed to aid people, especially those who have special needs, but can still do a less strenuous exercise.

You can always find stores in your area that offer affordable yet quality exercise equipment. And thanks to the internet, online shopping is more accessible and Fitness Expo is one of the exercise equipment stores that showcase their products and services online. Their website is choc-full of residential and commercial machines that are all equipped with advanced technology to improve one’s exercise session and help track their progress.

Bringing the Gym to Your Home

If you think about it, gym memberships are costly. You also have to make time dressing up and driving to the fitness club near you. With at-home fitness equipment, all you have to do is make a few steps inside your house and start your machine. Home exercise sure beats going to the gym. More and more people are jumping on the bandwagon. You should, too.