Top 10 Outdoor Gym Equipment

Top 10 Outdoor Gym Equipment

In order to have a perfect exercise, you need not to be inside the gym or sports center. Studies would show that outdoor exercises are more beneficial compared to gym workouts. Aside from the fact that you don’t have to pay gym membership monthly, it’s also a breath of fresh air and a daily dose of vitamin D. According to a certified environmental agency, air in an enclosed area is more polluted than the surrounding air. Experts would suggest exercising outdoors because it challenges not just your body but also your mind.

For you to enjoy workout at the park or even at your backyard, you have to own a personal set of outdoor exercise machines. You should be familiar with the exercise
equipment that can be used outside fitness gyms because not all of them are suitable for the outdoor environment.

Here is the list of the top 10 outdoor gym equipments that may assist you in your workout.

1. Ab Cruncher. If you want an effective way to tone your abdominal muscles, you can use an Ab Cruncher. It does not require you a professional trainer to utilize it so it is the perfect outdoor gym equipment.  Ab cruncher mainly focuses on the core muscles; hence, you can definitely get the toned abs that you are wishing for.

2. Dip bar. Otherwise known as chest or tricep dips. When you use dip bars, you are working out a number of your muscles. You are not only getting the perfect pecs that you want, but you’ll also develop broad shoulders and improve your posture. Dip bar is one of the simplest and the easiest outdoor gym equipment to use. You simply grip the bars with your hands and pull yourself up and down the equipment.

3. Cross trainer. Commonly referred to as elliptical trainers. It provides a good cardiovascular workout without causing you joint injuries. Unlike other exercise machines, a cross trainer allows you to do weight bearing exercises with low stress on your body. You need not to remove your feet on the pedals while doing the desired workout, therefore, preventing slips or accidents from happening.   

4. Rowing machine. This is a stationary outdoor gym equipment that is safe and effective for adults and to those with back and joint injuries. You would enjoy working out with this equipment because you won’t feel like you’re exercising at all: You are building your muscles and increasing your stamina and having fun and at the same time.

5. Shoulder press. This is one perfect machine for improving your shoulder strength. While doing shoulder press exercises, you have to make sure that your abdominal muscles are engaged and your hips are neutral to ensure that you get your desired fitness goal.

6. Stepper. If you want to increase your leg strength and burn your fats, you can use this outdoor gym equipment. But be sure that you get to perform warm-up exercises and follow the correct positioning for the workout so that back strains and accidents/injuries will be avoided. 

7. Exercise Bike. You will have full control over your workout if you use exercise bikes. Its intensity depends on how strong and powerful you pedal this stationary equipment. The good thing about this exercise machine is that you won’t get to experience the hassle of going through bad traffic jams and the annoying noise of vehicles on the streets.

8. Leg press. Using this outdoor gym equipment, you can strengthen your quadriceps, hamstring, buttocks, and calves. If you have stronger legs and buttocks, you have a lower risk for osteoarthritis. You can also prevent injuries which sometimes occur when exercise equipments are misused.

9. Quad roller. You can perform simple yet effective workouts with the use of quad rollers. You can just easily lie on top of this roller while you use your hands for balance to burn calories.

10. Butterfly press. This exercise machine works best on your pectoralis. So, if you wish to strengthen your chest muscles, the butterfly press machine best suits you. It is also perfect for outdoor exercises because you can still use it even without the assistance of a professional coach. 

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