4 Types of Exercise You Can Do with AMT Equipment

4 Types of Exercise You Can Do with AMT Equipment

adaptive motion trainer - Fitness ExpoWhen it comes to workouts, ellipticals have been the industry standard for years now.

However, the Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT) has recently become popular and has successfully changed the landscape for exercise procedures.

There are different types of AMT workouts you can try today, and these machines have become the most impressive exercise machine at any gym.

In this Fitness Expo guide, we will give a quick introduction to some of them below:

What Is the AMT Workout Machine?

The Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT) is perhaps the most versatile tool available for conducting cardio exercises.

With the tool, you can switch strides, choose to walk or run, and change exercise motions at will.

Put simply, the AMT is the elliptical but with a little bit more. This self-generating machine essentially turns on only when you’re using it.

The machine adapts to your body motion, allowing you to switch from walking to running at will. Its platforms also follow your feet, regardless of the direction you’re moving.

Is the AMT Better Than the Elliptical?

The short answer to this is yes. The AMT machine provides several benefits that you don’t get with the elliptical.

Along with the versatility, there are also several types of AMT workouts that you can’t perform with the elliptical.

With the AMT, you’re not on any specific track. So, you don’t have to be bound to any preset ellipsis.

The machine is completely responsive, providing a treadmill’s benefits and the low-impact workout that you get from the elliptical.

How Do I Use the AMT Workout Machine?

adaptive motion trainer workouts -Fitness ExpoThe Precor AMT machine is a sophisticated piece of machinery.

As explained earlier, the machine allows you to exercise at your pace and get things right when you feel like it. Keep the following tips in mind as you go.

The first thing you want to do is adjust the length of your stride.

Thanks to the Adaptive Motion Trainer’s versatility, you won’t have much of a problem with this.

Just change the length and depth of your stride to get a stair step, or a short-, mid-, or wide strides.

Getting in Your Stride

The AMT machine comes with a Stride Dial on the console that lets you know you’re hitting the right muscle groups.

You also get a set of Adaptive Motion Trainer workouts and different resistance levels.

You can target and work several muscle groups in your body based on your selected stride, the depth to which you’re going, and the resistance levels.

Consider the following:

Climbing: Like stair-stepping, these short strides help you to build your quadriceps.

Short-Range: This is more like a walking stride. It focuses on your quads as well, although you also give your hamstrings and glutes a proper workout.

Mid-Range: This is akin to jogging. It focuses on the hamstrings and glutes, and it activates your calves.

Long-Range: This is similar to the running position. The Precor AMT muscles worked here are pretty much every muscle in your lower body.

precor amt muscles worked - Fitness Expo

Tips for Optimizing Your AMT Machine

The Adaptive Motion Trainer is truly a transformative piece of machinery. However, you also need to know how well to work with it going forward.

Consider the following tips as you hit the gym and get on the AMT machine:

Keep with it

You might feel awkward with the AMT machine at first. The freedom it provides is unlike any other workout equipment out there.

Sometimes, you might find that freedom a bit strange.

Remember that you’re in control

The AMT machine is user-defined. You decide its motion.

Start with stepping

Think of using the AMT machine like riding a motorcycle. Start slow; then move into the elliptical position. From there, progress to Open Stride directly.

Try your best not to go backward immediately. That might not be the best for you.

Take advantage of Open Stride

Open Stride is especially great because it allows you to change your stride’s length and height at will.

Combined with changes in your body position, Open Stride makes it easy for you to open up several types of AMT workouts.

Set your step range between 6.8 inches and 10 inches and leave your stride length at a maximum of 36 inches.

From here, your AMT machine will work with different types of workouts, regardless of size.

Use the right muscles

You will find that the best way to move will be to work with your glutes and hips as the primary movers. Don’t use your knees.

Put your heels on the pedals

If you’re looking to maximize the use of your glutes, you need to keep your heels on the pedals.

This will reduce your use of the knees and also combat those “numb toes” that you experience with the elliptical.

Keep a proper posture

Just relax. Let your shoulder and neck regions be free and avoid leaning forward on your toes.

You can also engage in Adaptive Motion Trainer workouts without grabbing the machine’s handles.

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