Elliptical Workout: How to Use an Elliptical for Interval Training

Elliptical Workout: How to Use an Elliptical for Interval Training

When it comes to the 5 pm rush when everybody is getting off of work it’s amazing how quickly good machines like the Matrix E30 XR Simple Elliptical fills up in the gyms. 

There’s a good reason for that. Not only are ellipticals a safe and effective form of cardio that keeps even new users safe by performing cardio without their feet ever leaving the grip pads of the machine, they are also an important alternative for people suffering from chronic injuries or have bad joints to get a good cardio workout without all of their joints once again flaring up in pain.

Elliptical Exercise Equipment Benefits

But what really makes an elliptical shine versus its competitors such as stair climbers and treadmills is its absolute flexibility while performing HIIT workouts

Slight variations in foot posture can completely change where you feel the burn and benefit the most from the HIIT workout.

But how do you do safe interval training on an elliptical? Well, it all depends on what you are comfortable with, your current fitness level and how quickly you recover. But a good baseline would be:

  • Warm-up for 3-5 minutes at a comfortable pace

  • Increase resistance and incline to give you a hard challenge.

  • Sprint at this difficulty for 30 seconds to a minute

  • Reduce difficulty and incline to your warm-up difficulty and catch your breath for 1 to 1 and a half minutes.

  • Repeat this cycle of difficulty spikes 10 times to get one of the most efficient 20-25 minute workouts possible.

HIIT training like this just twice a week allows you to work on cardiovascular health and losing weight while investing less than an hour total per week on working out making it hard to turn down for busy people since an hour is hardly any time when it’s weighed against the long term health benefits.

Elliptical exercise equipment offers amazing benefits for HIIT exercises for those who want to focus on target areas. 

By performing the high-intensity part of your workout regiment on the toes and balls of your foot will really focus a lot of the intensity right into your quads. 

Alternatively, by digging your heels into the pad of the elliptical and focusing your sprint down on those you can really get a powerful focused workout in your glutes.

Flexibility With Elliptical Cross Trainer Exercise Equipment

Even more, variety can be achieved with the use of the moving armbars. 

By using them with your sprint you can increase the total resistance on the machine and work harder on a calorie-burning mission to shave pounds off.

Alternatively, you can run with free hands and focus on keeping a vertical posture without gripping the bars. 

This is more difficult to get used to but actually doubles as a great core workout as your core muscle groups are engaged in keeping your body upright and balanced through the vigorous workout.

Ellipticals are also wonderful equipment for cross-training due to their safety and versatility. While your other muscle groups are exhausted you can use the elliptical for a variety of different focus groups and difficulties. 

Even if your core is exhausted you can hold tight onto the rigid bars and keep on running to complete your cross-training workout regiment

If you’re having trouble finding a regular elliptical open at your local gym in a time slot that works for you, consider buying your own elliptical to start your own home gym so you can take advantage of all of the merits that an elliptical has to offer without having to commute or wait in line for one of the machines to open up. 

This can even be an economical option for people using their gym membership just to focus on their cardiovascular health and thusly just utilizing the cardio machines. 

Upgrade Your Workout with Elliptical Machines 

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