The 8 Misconceptions About Fitness

The 8 Misconceptions About Fitness

Ever have that moment when you think you know about things, but turns out there’s more to that thing? Things that make you go “huh, is that right?”

Nowadays, information can be quite easy to find, thanks to the internet we have access to basically every bit of human knowledge so far. From memes to searching for the most obscure restaurants in the world, information is as easy as blinking. 

However, this can be both a blessing and a curse. 

Although there are countless resources at the tip of your fingers, these information sources are not always credible or reliable, especially when it comes to exercise equipment for the home.

People Still Have False Notions About Fitness

Much as like veganism getting flak because of the people advocating it, there are still a lot of misconceptions that surround fitness. From the way you workout to proper plank forms, there are so much we can learn a thing or two. 

If you are a person with home gym exercise equipment in Kenner you may want to take a look at these common misconceptions about fitness.

1- More is better

Some people may prefer adding more volume in order to get stronger, faster, or to improve athleticism. Thus this will often require a longer recovery. 

Your body needs enough recovery time for it to adapt. And although short planned periods of volume increases can result in increasing your capacity, constantly adding volume will, at some point, have deleterious effects on your performance. 

A lot of men have the belief that 10,000 hours of practice are required to master a skill, yet it is extremely important to keep in mind that quality practice leads to quality muscle memory and that fatigue covers fitness. 

Therefore, it is important to give your body time to recover from skill-based practice, otherwise all your body will be learning will be bad movement strategies.

2- The more you sweat the more fat you burn

Every individual is different, some of them are heavy sweaters and some others are not. Having your body sweating a lot does not mean it is a hard workout, or how healthy will it get. 

Sweat depends on factors like the person’s weight, temperature, what type of exercise is the person doing, and biology which can dictate how much a person sweat.

At the moment of exercising, make sure to focus your body movement in ways that are challenging and enjoyable. 

Keep an eye on your hydration so your body can be kept at a comfortable temperature and avoiding dehydration issues.

3- Lifting weights makes women bulky

Given the fact that females have around 1/20th to 1/30th the testosterone levels that men have, this is a misconception. Even by lifting more weight, women do not have testosterone enough to support serious muscle mass growth. However, a diet of 10.000 calories per day and intense strength training workouts will make women bulky, yet that can be avoidable.

The Precor FTS Glide FTS offers resistance training with freedom motion to increase core strength, stability, and coordination.

4- Your body has lower, middle, and upper abs

In fact, it is just one muscle. If you want to effectively target zones of your Rectus Abdominus you may need to pre-fatigue some parts of it. 

As an example, a crunch series will be required to fatigue the top of your abs, after that, the middle one in order to get to the bottom.

5- Losing weight means getting in shape

Many people think that losing weight will get them in shape but it means that any workload will become easier to perform and less energy-consuming. 

In the case of jogging, you will need to run longer or harder if you want to get the same metabolic disturbance. The problem is that this may lead to notably long sessions which may have a significant toll on your body.

A good option to reduce this adaptation is to alter your conditioning methods, for example with biking, running, slide-boarding, and resistance training circuits. Preventing your body from becoming too good at one modality and hence increasing disturbance from each. An excellent piece of home gym exercise equipment to meet that goal is the Life Fitness GSC Trainer

6- Spending too much time at the gym

Fitness can be achieved in multiple ways, some people like to work out at the gym while many others prefer getting healthy by exercising on the beach or mountains, which is also good. 

It is really important to note that people are not required to exert themselves vigorously every day. Keep in mind that muscles need time to recover, heal, and build up strength.

7- Deadlifts are bad for your back

It is commonly thought that people get their backs hurt by doing deadlifts, however, that is not the case. 

They do hurt their backs while deadlifting when they sacrifice technique to move the weight. 

Although they are not beneficial in the long-term, there are ways to compromise your form to get the weight up.

8- Deep squats are bad for your knees

There’s no solid evidence showing that squats and knee pain are linked. During the squat, it is important to keep the weight light enough in order to work on a full range of motion. The best squat allows you to sit your butt to your heels without weight.

And here’s another myth that needs to be busted…

Exercise equipment is expensive

It’s not. With the right place, you can score a fitness machine that won’t put a dent in your wallet. Fitness Expo offers affordable yet quality gym workout equipment from treadmills to spin bikes.

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