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    Month: September 2016

  • Get a Full Workout with the Vectra 1450

    The Vectra 1450 has revolutionary designs from commercial weight machines brought into an in-home gym system. It isn’t necessary to go into a brick and mortar gym to receive the results of a workout that you would be proud to display throughout the summer months.   The Vectra 1450 is a

  • Five Easy Ways to Get Fit This Summer

    Wearing less clothing in the summer makes everyone feel more body-conscious. Seeing those extra pounds in the middle can inspire people into taking action. Consider five easy ways to get fit and feel better all summer long. 1. Resistance Training Resistance training involves the use of weights,

  • Bring a Group Cycling Class Home with the Horizon M4 Spin Bike

    Taking spin classes is fun and you see fast results. The energy in a spin class is contagious. The music is playing, everyone is pedaling and you get caught up in the whole experience. But it can be difficult to make it to a scheduled class, especially if you have a hectic calendar. Now you can

  • Workout Equipment Options for a Quick Workout

    If you are looking for a workout that can be completed quickly and is also effective, investing in fitness equipment for your home can help you to find something that works. Obesity and heart disease can affect anyone. Therefore, even if you are busy, it is very important that you make sure to get

  • What Goes into the Perfect Treadmill?

    When selecting the perfect treadmill, there are several things you will need to take into consideration. You will want a piece of equipment that won’t be stressful on your joints, will last for years and will be durable enough to give you the functional workout you strive for. No one treadmill is

  • How to Keep Fitness Local in New Orleans

    Louisiana is known for its tasty cuisine and fantastic opportunities for all kinds of adventure. While people can get carried away eating decadent foods and partying, there are also ways to take advantage of the local offerings to stay fit. Changing your mindset can help you appreciate everything

  • Forget Stairs. Try an Elliptical.

    Have you ever felt so out of breath and out of shape that you can hardly breathe? Elliptical exercise equipment can cure both of these issues as well as reduce how much time you have to put back into building a healthy lifestyle. Stairs are so overrated, and even with the steepness and depth of

  • Rowing for Health Without a Boat

    Rowing is an excellent total body workout that gives people amazing upper body strength. Going rowing is also fun. Gliding through the water by using your own power is an incredible experience, no matter how often you do it. However, there are times when rowing is impractical. Some people do not

  • How to Workout With Joint Pain

    Many people suffer with joint pain and discomfort. It might be caused by a bone disorder, carrying extra weight or aging. No matter what the reasons are for joint pain, it often holds people back from working out. This can make the problem worse as the right type of exercise can actually build

  • How Louisiana People Can Rank Better in Fitness

    Recently the American College of Sports Medicine released its 2015 American Fitness Index. For eight years in a row, the review has assessed the overall health of the 50 top cities in the United States. Unfortunately, New Orleans-Metairie came in at number 42 of the these 50 cities. With a little

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